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An engineer by profession , traveler by passion and chef at heart . I would like to share with you something about my passion, it is more than a hobby and less than something professional. I love that cooking give me a chance to be creative bcoz generally I never follow any particular process while cooking . It is about cooking.😀let’s fall in love with it.

Maharashtrian kombdi rassa (chicken curry )

Maharashtrian kombdi rassa (chicken curry )
    • 600 gm organic chicken cut into medium sized pieces, clean and dried.
    • 1 large sized onion,3 medium sized onions
    • 1 cup dessicated dry coconut
    • 12-15 cloves of garlic
    • 1-1.5 inch piece of ginger
    • ½ cup fresh coriander
    • 2 tspoon cumin seeds
    • 2 tspoon sesame seeds
    • 2 tspoon turmeric powder
    • 7 tspoon red chili powder
    • Cooking Oil
    • Salt
    • roasted chana dal( very important for gravy)
    • garam masala
    1. Marinate the chicken pieces with turmeric powder and salt. Allow the marinated chicken to rest for 30 minutes.
    2. Dry roast cumin seeds in a pan until it turns brown.
    3. Dry Roast Sesame seeds until it turns light brown.
    4. Dry Roast desiccated coconut until it turns brown.
    5. Roast 1 large onion on direct flame.
    6. When Onion gets nicely roasted, turn off the flame and let the onion cool down.
    7. Let the roasted ingredients cool down before we make a fine paste using them.
    8. Take 2 tbspoon Oil in a large pan. Add 1 medium sized Onion finely chopped.
    9. Take 2 tbspoon Oil in a large pan. Add 1 medium sized Onion finely chopped.
    10. Fry the Onions till they become tender.
    11. When Onions become tender, add Chicken pieces and cook them covered for 5 minutes.
    12. After 5 minutes add 2 cups of hot water and cook the chicken covered, until it is almost done.add garam masala .
    13. When roasted Onion cools down, peel off the skin and cut the Onion into large cubes. Do not wash it with water.
    14. Take all Roasted Ingredients in a Grinder along with ginger-garlic, fresh coriander and grind them into a fine paste making use of water.
    15. When Chicken is almost done. Remove the fleshy pieces in another plate for Chicken Dry/Sukka.
    16. Now the less fleshy chicken pieces left in the pan will be used to make Chicken Gravy/Rassa.
    17. Add 3 cups of hot water, 4 tspoon red chili powder, salt as per taste and ⅓ rd of Masala Paste.
    18. Mix all the ingredients nicely.
    19. Cook the Chicken Gravy/Rassa on medium flame until one boil and then turn off the flame. Chicken Sukka is now ready.
    20. For Chicken Dry/Sukka, take 2 tbspoon oil in a pan.
    21. Add 2 medium sized onion sliced lengthwise to the pan and fry until it becomes tender.
    22. When Onions become tender add remaining ⅔rd of Masala Paste, 3 tspoon red chili powder and mix them well.
    23. Roast the masala paste for 3-4 minutes.Now add remaining Chicken pieces, salt as per taste and 2 cups of hot water and let the gravy simmer for 3-4 minutes on low flame.
    24. Chicken Sukka will be of thick consistency.
    25. After 3-4 minutes, when Chicken Sukka become thick, turn off the flame.
    26. Gavthi Kombdi Rassa can be enjoyed with Jowar / bajra Bhakri.
  1. enjoy!!
  2. My Tip :
  3. 1.Dont overcook the chicken .
  4. 2.Also I don’t prefer yogurt in the chicken recipes.If you want to marinate the chicken then use garam masala ,salt and lemon juice.


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